Beyond Traditional Disintegration Testing

17 June 2015 in Research Highlights 1942 hits

We have developed a new technique to better understand what happens to the microstructure inside a tablet during rapid disintegration.

Improved Process Understanding of Tablet Film Coating

08 October 2014 in Research Highlights 6574 hits

Background Terahertz pulsed imaging (TPI) was first introduced in 2007 to non-destructively measure the coating thickness of pharmaceutical tablets. Ever…

Effect of Compression on Local and Segmental Mobility of PVPVA: Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Study

11 September 2014 in Research Highlights 6303 hits

Background The mechanism of plastic deformation in amorphous polymers is still obscure due to lack of experimental techniques to probe…

Nanocrystals - from fast dissolution and improved solubility to controlled release applications

02 July 2014 in Research Highlights 6418 hits

Problems related to low oral bioavailability due to poor solubility of new drug candidates are an increasing challenge in pharmaceutical…

Injection Molding as an Hot Melt Extrusion Downstream Process

28 May 2014 in Research Highlights 7473 hits

Introduction Over the last years, hot melt extrusion (HME) has attracted significant interest in the pharmaceutical industry. HME is performed…

Taste-Masking for Paediatric Medicines

15 November 2013 in Research Highlights 11833 hits

Introduction Following the implantation of European regulation with respect to medicinal products for paediatric use, scientist community has to speed…

Classification and quantification of API in counterfeit pharmaceuticals via Raman spectroscopy

10 November 2013 in Research Highlights 12004 hits

Background Counterfeit medicines have become an increasing issue worldwide, affecting both developing and developed countries. The presence of counterfeit medicines…

Surface characterization of solid dispersions

07 September 2013 in Research Highlights 12548 hits

Background Solid dispersions are an intensively investigated enabling technology to formulate poorly soluble drugs. Many contributions already studied their higher…

Influence of Compression forces on the Physical and Structural Stability of Solid Dispersions

03 July 2013 in Research Highlights 19709 hits

Background The structural and physical stability of solid dispersions have not been adequately explored during post spray drying manufacturing processes.…