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Professor Jürgen Siepmann

Contact Details

Director, INSERM U 1008 
President, APGI
Reviews Editor, International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Co-Editor, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 

College of Pharmacy
University of Lille
3, rue du Professeur Laguesse
59006 Lille

University website

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Tel. : + 33 (0)3 20 96 47 08
Fax : + 33 (0)3 20 96 49 42


Main Research Interests

  • Development of novel therapeutic strategies based on controlled drug delivery: Preparation of a variety of systems (e.g., coated pellets, matrix tablets, biodegradable microparticles, implants, drug-eluting stents), characterization and optimization in vitro and in vivo
  • Elucidation of the underlying mass transport mechanisms
  • Mathematical modeling of the effects of formulation and processing parameters on the systems’ performance in vitro and in vivo
  • Transfer of the new knowledge into practical applications with improved therapeutic efficacy and minimized undesired side effects 

Short CV

Juergen Siepmann (born 1969) studied pharmacy and did his Ph.D. at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany, supervised by Prof. Roland Bodmeier. He was visiting scientist/postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University (Prof. Peppas), University of Paris-Sud (Prof. Couarraze), University of Iowa (Prof. Veng-Pedersen) and University of Angers (Prof. Benoit). Since 2004 he is Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Lille, France.

His research focuses on controlled drug delivery systems and biomaterials, in particular on the elucidation of the underlying mass transport phenomena and the optimization of the devices. So far, he published his work in more than 140 articles in peer-reviewed, international scientific journals, 250 poster presentations and 100 oral presentations at national and international scientific meetings. He is editor of 3 books, author of 16 book chapters and inventor of 10 patents.

Prof. Siepmann’s awards include the “APV-Prize for the outstanding doctoral thesis in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the years 1998/99”, a Marie Curie Individual Post-Doctoral Fellowship and the “2012 APV Research Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Pharmaceutical Sciences”.

He acts as Reviews Editor of “International Journal of Pharmaceutics”, Co-editor of “Journal of Drug Delivery Sciences and Technology” and is member of the editorial boards of “European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics”, “European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences”, “Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy”, “Pharmaceutical Research” and “Journal of Controlled Release”.

Since 2010 he serves as president of APGI (International Society of Drug Delivery Sciences and Technology, www.apgi.org). Prof. Siepmann is involved in the organization of various scientific meetings; for instance he chaired the 7th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology in Malta in 2010 (1400 participants) and will chair the 1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics in Reims, France, on 13-14 April 2015.

Since 2010 Prof. Siepmann is heading the INSERM research group “Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and Biomaterials” (about 6 professors, 6 lecturers, 5 technical/administrative staff, 15 post-docs & PhD students and 10 master students).

August 2014