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Written by Karin Kogermann

Scientific Area:

Material Sciences; Biomaterials; Biotechnology; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Tissue
Engineering and Wound Healing.

Research Topic:

Development of drug delivery systems for the treatment skin and wound infections
Project is carried out as part of the Estonian Research Council funded project PRG726.

Further information:

Description of Duties: Post-doctoral position is available in which the candidate will conduct
innovative research on developing delivery systems for antimicrobial peptides. The latter involves
both the preparation and testing their bioactivity and safety. The successful candidate will be part of
an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Tartu involving pharmacists, molecular
biologists, immunologists, biochemists, dentists and medical doctors. Our work involves collaboration
with academic as well as industry partners from around the world. Research project is focused on
using antimicrobial peptides for the treatment of skin and wound infections and developing novel
This is an excellent training opportunity that will allow the candidate to participate in a research
project that bridges basic science and translational pre-clinical research. The outcome of project is an
advanced antimicrobial wound matrix which helps to prevent and/or treat already developed wound
infection and support the wound healing. Hence also first steps are taken towards clinical testing.
We are looking for individuals who are team-players, highly productive, and are able to deliver results
in a timely fashion. Individuals are expected to be able to design and perform experiments
independently, manage multiple projects concurrently, write manuscripts.

Salary: Commensurate with experience and in accordance with the collective agreement.

Required Qualifications: Candidate should have a PhD in pharmacy, molecular biology, microbiology,
biochemistry, pharmacology, material science, physics, polymer science, nanotechnology or a related
discipline. Strong communication skills, adherence to deadlines, and record keeping skills are needed.
Highly capable of communicating scientific results in English, both orally and in writing. Work involves
working with bacteria and eukaryotic cells, therefore previous experiences working with living cells is
preferred. Data analysis (statistics) skills.

Key responsibilities include:
· Designing and performing experiments
· Conducting data analysis
· Manuscript and report writing
· Ordering of laboratory supplies/solvents etc. relevant for the experiments
· Design and execution of electrospinning experiments (screening suitable polymers and electrospinning setups)
· Morphological, physicochemical, mechanical and solid state characterization of the obtained electrospun
· Biological testing of the electrospun fiber matrices (antimicrobial activity on bacteria, cell viability testing on
eukaryotic cells, in vivo animal models)

Application Instructions: All individuals interested in this position must submit, via email to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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